Using the OPAT App

How the OPAT works

Videos - How to do an OPAT


This assessment fulfills all the core principles of assessment.

  • Explicitness: Clear aims and detailed scoring descriptors
  • Equitability: Equal opportunities for progression and learning
  • Face validity: Assesses defined skills in the context of the learner’s current level of attainment
  • Construct validity: Measures knowledge and psychomotor skills. Differentiates levels of ability
  • Impact validity: Progression over time can be visualized and persistently weak areas identified and addressed
  • Reliability: Ongoing study of reliability is underway

After identifying a patient / simulation / cadaveric case for assessment with your assessor.

  1. Identify which parts of the OPAT to do:
    1. EUA / GHJ scope / Subacromial bursoscopy or all of these
    2. Decide if glenohumeral joint scope will be pure viewing or probing structures through an anterior portal.
    3. The package will adjust the final percentage score to account for sections not completed or not applicable.
  2. Load / login to the website or APP and click INPUT NEW OPAT and apply date
  3. Complete the OPAT

    The OPAT follows 4 main sections:

    Procedural standards
    GHJ scope
    Subacromial bursoscopy

    1. Your assessor should ideally complete the OPAT in real time as you go through the assessment in a structured manner.
    2. If not done in real time OPAT can be completed after the procedure including the time taken for glenohumeral joint arthroscopy.
    3. Drop down boxes for each item give clear descriptors to allow easy score selection.
    4. An anatomical diagram with numbered anatomical landmarks is available for reference during glenohumeral joint arthroscopy.
  4. Review your progress


  1. Forward Elevation / Abduction
  2. Internal and external rotation at 90 degrees abduction
  3. Anterior / posterior shift and Sulcus sign
  1. Anatomical Surface Landmarks
    1. Coracoid / Acromion posterior angle / Acromioclavicular joint / Anterior and Lateral acromion
  2. Introduce the scope
    1. A ‘3 strikes and your out’ policy – Only 3 attempts allowed
    2. Avoid Iatrogenic damage to the articular surface
    3. Proceed in a logical fashion
  1. Either ‘viewed’ or ‘probed’ as appropriate.
  2. 12 structures to identify / centre / +/-probe.
  3. A diagram is available for reference with the structures marked.
  4. START THE TIMER once the scope and or probe are in place.
  5. 2 minutes is allowed without penalty. For every 30 seconds over 2 minutes a point will be deducted.
  6. The OPAT is deemed finished if 30 seconds passes without progress
Either your assessor can time themselves or click the timer button on the glenohumeral joint arthroscopy OPAT online or APP section if completing the OPAT in realtime - independent timing can be entered when completing the OPAT online/APP later.
  1. 3 attempts allowed to get the scope in
  2. Needle into bursa / horizontal to acromion / centre on scope
  3. Coracoacromial ligament
  4. Anterior and lateral acromion
  5. Inspection of bursal surface of rotator cuff

This section is not timed as bleeding may delay progress

When available

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